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Now, we have two tournaments a month on the same weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday (both the same format), unless we specifically note that it is a two-day tournament (we have a couple of those including our club championship).  You are welcome to play either day or both ($10 surcharge if you play both).  It is $43 per tournament (not counting cart which costs $17) and if you want to get into skins, KPs and hole-in-one, it would be $15 additional. There is no form you need to fill out to enter, you just need to send an email to ergctournament@gmail.com to enter. 


We hope to see you out at Elkins for all of these tournaments.  To that end, I want to inform you about our season-long EPC Championship race, a participation-based points system to play in a special season-end tournament.  This is our version of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.  Every player who plays in an Elkins event (including away trips) get participation points for playing and completing a tournament.  And if you place in the money for the tournament, you get additional points as well.  You also get points for any KP won.  At the end of the year, the top 30 point winners get to play in a special tournament the first weekend of the following year to determine our EPC Champion.  Those players' points are reseeded so that any of the 30 players can mathematically win the championship, but like the FedEx cup, the top 5 hold their destiny in their own hands.  If they win the tournament, they win.  Winner of the Championship gets prize money as well as a trophy/plaque to commemorate the win. So come out and play. . .  often! 

Please note that players play from the blue tees, but players 65 and over may request to play from the white tees (and their course handicap will be adjusted accordingly, please see USGA Rule 3-5) except for certain SCGA qualifying events (i.e. 4-Ball Qualifier & Club Championship) wherein all players play from the blue tees.  Once a player has designated playing from the white tees, they will remain on the white tees as a default for tournaments unless and until they request to play from the blue tees again.  Any player playing white tees in any event will have a WH show next to their name on the tee sheet as well as the scorecard, so please always double check to make sure you are playing from the correct tees (you may change or correct the tees you are playing from up until the start of the event as long as you inform the tournament committee prior to the start).  Anyone playing from the incorrect tees (whether blue or white) shall be disqualified from that event. 

Also, I want to advise you of our pace-of-play policy. If a tee group turns in their scorecard(s) to the scorer more than 20 minutes after the immediately-preceding tee group, a 1-stroke penalty will be assessed against each player/team of that tee group.  If a tee group turns in their scorecard(s) to the scorer more than 30 minutes after the immediately-preceding tee group, a 2-stroke penalty will be assessed to each player/team in that tee group.  The Tournament Committee will have discretion to apply the rule in unusual circumstances beyond a tee group's control (i.e., a foursome following a threesome).  

Lastly, if you are familiar with egolfer, we do have a ghin site for our club but the ghin site will be discontinued by the SCGA sometime in this coming year so we are working to replace it with another place our members can get club information and news.  Keep your eyes out for emails informing you of ways to get and share club information such as the event portal links that will be sent out with tee times for every event where you can check your tee times, see event results (once completed) as well as some player statistics.  Also check out our facebook page as well at https://www.facebook.com/ElkinsRanchGolfClub/.  And there may be even more to come!

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