The ByLaws


Elkins Ranch Golf Club


Article I

The name of this organization shall be ELKINS RANCH GOLF CLUB



Article II

First: To promote the interests of golf.


Second: To establish and maintain standard handicaps for members of the club.


Third: To cooperate with Elkins Ranch in the promotion and conduct of public golf.


Fourth: To establish and maintain membership in and to cooperate with the rules
and regulations of the Southern California Golf Association.


Fifth: To conduct any and all other recreational events from time to time, which in
the judgment of the Board of Directors shall be deemed fitting and proper.



Article III

Section 1: Regular Members: Any male over the age of 18 years and not an
administrative employee of Elkins Ranch Golf Course or a golf professional shall be
eligible for membership in the golf club. Each new applicant must be sponsored by a
current member in good standing and filed with the membership chairman upon a
written form approved by the Board of Directors and shall be accompanied by such
dues, assessments and fees as are prescribed from time to time by the Board of
Directors. After recommendation by the membership committee, the applicant shall
become a member provided a majority of the Board of Directors approves said


Section 2: Limited Members: Any person who is an administrative employee of
Elkins Ranch Golf Course or a golf professional shall be eligible to become a limited
member. The procedure for becoming a limited member shall be the same as set
forth in Section 1, Article III of these By-Laws. A limited member shall be entitled to
all privileges of the club, except those of voting, holding office, or recommending
and/or sponsoring applicants for membership.


Section 3: Honorary Memberships: Any person who has performed some
distinguished public service or meritorious service in the interests of the game of golf
or to the Elkins Ranch Golf Club may be elected as an honorary member of the Club
at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. Honorary members shall be entitled to all
privileges of the Club except those of voting, holding office, or recommending and/or
sponsoring applicants for membership.


Section 4: Only members in good standing may participate in Club activities.


Section 5: Total regular membership in the Club may be limited at any time by a
majority vote of the Board of Directors at a regular meeting.



Article IV
Obligation and Discipline

Section 1: The acceptance of membership in this Club shall bind each member to
abide by all conditions, rules, and regulations of the Club.


Section 2: Refusing or neglecting a strict honorable compliance with the rules and
regulations of this Club or with its decisions shall render any member liable to
suspension or expulsion. Suspension or expulsion shall be by two-thirds vote of
members in attendance at a regular meeting.


Section 3: No member shall be suspended or expelled without formal charges to the
Board of Directors, in writing, having been made, and after an opportunity having
been given to him to be heard in defense. Board of Directors, by a majority vote,
shall recommend his suspension or expulsion to the membership at a regular



Article V

Section 1: The control and management of the affairs, funds and property of the
Club shall be vested in the Board of Directors, which shall be composed at all times
of nine members.


Section 2: The term of office of the members of the Board shall be for one year and
shall correspond with the fiscal year of the Club, namely January 1st through
December 31st, with the exception of the outgoing president who shall automatically
become a member of the Board for the following year.


Section 3: The President shall, no later than the first Tuesday of September of each
year, appoint a Nominating Committee of three regular members of the Club, which
shall submit to the membership at the October meeting, the names of the eight
candidates for the Board for the next succeeding fiscal year. At the October meeting
of the members, the Club members in attendance may nominate, from the floor, no
more than eight members. If no nominations are made from the floor, election of
the Board is considered unanimous by the members present.


Section 4: If additional nominations are made from the floor during the October
meeting, blank ballots will be distributed to all members present. Voting members
shall vote for only eight members and the eight members receiving the most votes
shall be declared elected.


Section 5: The results of the election of the members of the Board shall be
announced to the members no later than November.


Section 6: The directors so elected shall take office effective January 1st following
their election.


Section 7: In the event of a directorship becoming vacant for any reason
whatsoever, such vacancy shall be filled by the Board and such Director shall serve
for the duration of the term of the individual being replaced.



Article VI

Section 1: The officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary,
Treasurer, and such officers as the Board of Directors may from time to time
determine. Said officers shall be elected annually by the newly elected Board of
Directors at a special meeting of the new Board to be held upon call of the President
or any four of the new Board members not later than November of each year. Said
officers so named shall take office on January 1st, following their election.


Section 2: It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Club
and of the Board and to see that all By-Laws and such rules and regulations as may
be adopted by the Club are strictly enforced; to supervise generally all affairs of the
Club, and at the annual meeting to make a report of the activities and general
business of the Club during the year that just passed. He shall appoint all
committees, and shall be ex-officio a member of the same. In the absence or
inability of the President to act, the Vice President shall perform all duties of the
President. If the President and Vice President shall be absent from any meeting, the
Secretary shall call the meeting to order and a temporary chairman shall be chosen.


Section 3: The Vice President shall customarily, but not necessarily, be appointed
Chairman of the Handicap Committee, or be appointed Chairman of the Tournament



Section 4: The secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all Club meetings
in a book kept for that purpose and he shall cooperate with the Treasurer in keeping
a book of accounts of the Club. He shall conduct the official correspondence of the
Club. He shall send all notices required and attend to such other business as belong
to the duties of his office, or as may be directed by the President.


Section 5: The Treasurer shall be custodian of the funds of the Club. He shall
deposit them in some depository or depositories under the instruction of the Board.
He shall disburse the same upon warrants or checks, signed by proper officers of the
Club in settlement of accounts payable. The Treasurer shall keep books of accounts
of the Club with cooperation of the Secretary and shall submit a statement of his
accounts as requested. The Treasurer shall render an actual account prior to each
annual meeting. He shall perform such other duties as may properly belong to his
office as he may be directed by the President. The Treasurer’s books and accounts
are to be audited in December of each year or at such times as directed by the


Section 6: All checks, bonds, warrants, contracts, or other instruments and writing
necessary for the regular conduct of the Club business shall be signed by not less
than two of the officers of the corporation.



Article VII

Section 1: Two regular meetings of the Club shall be held each year in March and
October. Notice of the meetings will be detailed in the Newsletter the month before
the meetings.


Section 2: The Board will meet once each month on Sunday after the regularly
scheduled monthly tournament. Members may attend these meetings but will have
no vote on motions presented. If the time and date of the meeting is changed by
the President, members will be notified through the newsletter.


Section 3: Special meeting of the Club may be called at any time by the Secretary
upon order of the President or upon written request of any five members of the
Board. Notice of such meetings shall be announced in the newsletter.


Section 4: The annual business and social meeting of the Club shall be held in
March at a time and place designated by the President. Members will be notified of
the meeting in the February newsletter. At the meeting officers of the club will make
their year-end reports. General business of the Club or other business will be
transacted as may be brought before the meeting.



Article VIII

Section 1: Official business of and by the Club at any regular or special meeting
may be transacted by a majority vote of the regular members in good standing
present at said meeting. The Board may conduct a mail-in ballot vote of the
members at their discretion.


Section 2: Official business of and by the Board may not be transacted at any
meeting of the Board unless at least five members of the Board are present.



Article IX
Dues and Fees

Section 1: The annual dues, if any, of each class of membership shall be designated
by the Board and shall be for the period from January 1st to December 31st. The
Board shall determine a policy of delinquency and all members shall be advised


Section 2: A tournament fee shall be determined by the Board and payment thereof
shall be obligatory on all players and shall be due and payable ten days prior to the
scheduled tournament.
Section 3: Any initiation fee shall be determined by the membership.



Article X

Section 1: Standing committees: The following standing committees shall be
appointed by the President:
Tournament: The duties of the Tournament Committee shall be to arrange
and conduct all Club Tournaments and to arrange a schedule of tournaments to be
approved by the Board.
Handicap: The duties of the Handicap Committee shall be to determine the
proper handicap for each playing member of the Club in accordance with the rules
and regulations of the Southern California Golf Association. Handicap records shall
be kept up to date and shall be kept in a place readily accessible to members.
Membership: The duties of the Membership Committee shall be to promote
new memberships and to investigate all applications for membership and to report to
the Board their recommendations thereon.
Entertainment: The duties of the Entertainment Committee shall be to
encourage and arrange for social events for the Club.
Rules/Eligibility: The duties of the Rules/Eligibility Committee shall be to
thoroughly be familiar with the rules of golf and will have authority to settle disputes
arising out of play under the rules of the game. It shall be prepared to discuss the
rules of the game before the assembled members, upon the request of the
membership and permission of the President.
Greens: The duties of the Greens Committee shall be to be the liaison
between the Club and the Management of the Elkins Ranch Golf Course in matters
pertaining to the upkeep and conditions at the course.


Section 2: The President may appoint from time to time such other committees as
may be necessary and/or advisable to carry out the purposes of the Club.



Article XI

Section 1: These By-Laws shall not be changed or amended except by a two-thirds
majority of regular member in good standing, present at a regular or special meeting
that may be held for that purpose.


Section 2: Any change or amendment must be read at two consecutive meetings
prior to adoption.



Article XII

Section 1: Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern procedure at all meetings, except as
otherwise herein provided.



Article XIII

Section 1: If or whenever this Club shall dissolve or cease to function, all remaining
funds shall be turned over to some local charitable organization to be selected by the
Board at the time of dissolution of the Club.
I, the undersigned, being Secretary of the Elkins Ranch Golf Club, do hereby
certify the foregoing to be the By-Laws of said Corporation, as revised by a general
membership meeting held on the 4th day of December, 1990, by two-thirds majority
vote of all members present and also amended in August 1997 by a mail-in vote by
75 percent of all members and by a general membership meeting held on the 18th
day of October, 2008 by two-thirds majority vote of all members present.

© 2017 by Elkins Ranch Golf Club.

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